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06 GTO vs Mustang GT 2v w/vortech

I was MMOB in a parking lot somewhere near the Mexico border at a car meet not too long ago. There were about 50 cars there, a nice mix of everything you can think of, besides exotics. 5 GTO's total if anyone cares...

Everyone is hanging out talking, walking around... normal car meet stuff. This guy in a mustang gt rolls up into the parking lot & parks. Sounds pretty nice, you can here a little cam, exhaust and a very subtle belt noise. So all in all I knew it wasn't your average mustang GT.

It looked terrible though... he just put whole cobra kit on and none of it was painted. Not to mention various spots in the OEM paint that were just sanded down randomly.

Guy hung around his car for a bit and then after a few mins he started his car. He moved it away from the crowd about 100 ft away and proceeded to get out, pop his hood and start checking things or doing w/e under the hood. Did this guy seriously need to move away to pop hood?

So we roll out... 20 deep maybe more, I am in the back just MMOB. Didnt really want to get in the way of the really fast cars in the front, so I just tend to stick to the back and hang out to watch it go down. My friend is tagging along near me in his 04 lightning. Everyone runs andI play catch up for a little bit because I wasnt hauling ass. I was actually trying to watch my buddy run a cammed out chevy truck that was loud as hell! They run and do there own thing... I pop a U turn and start heading back to the parking lot.

My buddy in the lighting catches up to me and we are just cruising back to the parking lot. Guess who we see up in the distance not too far... bingo! We catch up to him, I backed off and was going to see if he would run the Lightning. No go... wouldnt bite, hmm he must want some Goat for dinner. Lightning backs off and I make my way up next to him. He looks game and we both roll down our windows.

1st Roll Race @40MPH

Honked it off we both hit it at the same time and he was staying pretty close with me through the end of 1st and the start of 2nd, but when I started finishing out 2nd he started easing back. Slammed 3rd hard (*chirp*) and go... thats when he started getting freight trained. He just fell back more and more. Didnt finish 3rd out before I let off because it was over. Close to 10 cars back ... 5 atleast... 7 is a good guess though.

DIG Time!

What are the chances we would end up door to door at a red light just a few mins later. He rolls up (I had been sitting at the light for a little bit) I told em good run, we talked a little bit. He says he has a vortech on the 4.6L 2v. He doesnt say anything about cam, exhaust but just by the sound you would already know. Doesnt ask me anything about my car... I end up asking him if he wanted to go from a dig before the light changed since we had been BSin for a while. He says "Ive got a 350 auto with a trans brake" I said its ok, I will still go doesnt matter to me.

Rev up to 2k, keeping an eye on the light... boom yellow on the left and right, here we gooooo.... GREEN! I sidestepped the clutch a little faster then I normally would because I wanted to see if I could get a pretty good launch. Everything gripped pretty good on my end, I heard some tire squeel but 90% was his. He didnt even make it off the light... just sat there spinning for a few while Im already gone. I didnt even finish 2nd gear by the time i let out cause he was way back there.

I let him catch up...

2nd Roll Race @ 25 or 30 MPH

Honk it off and its close like last time with a slight edge to me already. He just drifts back every shift faster and faster just like last time. Ran this one out pretty far til the begining of 4th and then let out. Same thing, hes an uncountable amount of cars back. Bus lengths...

We talked later back at the parking lot and he begin to tell me that he needs a tune and hes running really really rich because he just finished the car. Its possible... not going to say hes a liar. It did smell a little rich IMO and he said it was safer that way until he got a tune. Then he starts talking numbers... says hes putting down 500 HP, I assume thats to the ground but I didnt ask. The way he talked about his car, it was like he seemed so sure he was going to beat me and yet he was now a little surprised. Granted it probably needs a tune so who knows, might be a closer match up once its tuned correctly.

Then he asks me "So what do you have pushing air through the GTO?" I was waiting for this moment and I am not one to lie about what mods I have or how fast my car is. Its as fast as it is... no sense and making it seem faster or talk like its a crazy fast car when its just a low 13s street car. Told him CAI, ported intake manifold & TB, clutch setup, shortshifter and DS handheld. Damn the look on that guys face.... It was as though I just lied to his face or something, like there was no way.

He then changes the subject and states that he only asked because he sold a car just like mine for 60k and bought mustang for 5k. I asked him why, he said cause he could pocket all that extra money. Asked him how he was going to get 60k for one of these GTO's. He says it was a nasty 1200hp twin turbo GTO track car, with tubular frame and complete track setup. I played along and then asked him if there was any video of it on the internet... cause that would be awesome to see. Says no theres not... he then says he never drove it. It was his brothers who died while deployed in Iraq and he just sold it to get the mustang.

We bs for a little bit longer and then go our separate ways. He leaves and I go back to hanging out with the remainder of the car meet. It was getting late and everyone headed back home since it was such a long drive...

Good runs though, I kinda expected a little more out of him though. It wasnt the fight that I thought it would be. Especially with the numbers hes claiming to be putting down. When I think about his setup though it doesnt add up for me... Stock GT hp + cam, exhaust other minor bolt ons... then vortech hmm I am guessing 350 - 400 rwhp at best? Maybe slightly more, but I dont think he would have that much power in that setup. What do you think his true numbers are? 500 seems way out of whack... let me know what you think.

I kinda think hes just totally full of it and doesnt know what hes talking about. That leads me to wonder if he really did have a brother with a 1200 hp twin turbo GTO that he sold to get the mustang. Hmmmm, somehow I doubt it...
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You can get into debates all day long but I don't think anyone other than Travis (T-Bones) has much over 1000 hp so far. At least not with an LS engine in it. Great write up and sounds like a fun night.

All bullchit is fictional (cough, cough)
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Thanks WRP!

We had a blast and my buddy took down the cammed 6.0 Sliverado that called him out at the meet. Nice guy though, he wasnt an asshat when he lost... just accepted it and moved on.

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