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short throw

I was woundering if anyone could help me figure out something...
I thinik that I have a short throw in the goat now, I bought the car with what it has now. But it has a ripped boot, and the stock shift knob that just slips up, so i think he broke that as well. But the question that I have is.... I wana replace the stock knob with something like a Hurst, can I just replace the small pice of metal that should have a screw like top, or do I have to buy a whole kit?

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Our stock shifter handle is technically a two part piece that comes together and is filled with rubber to dampen the drivetrain noise. Our stock knob slips over the top and usually after doing the short throw shifter the knob is loose. I took some red RTV sealant and put a little bit inside the shift knob then squeezed it back on. It fits great again and doesnt have any play.

If you want an aftermarket knob you have to get a thread shifter handle since ours is not threaded. Lous Short stick is a great addition to a short throw shifter. You can buy them in threaded (for hurst or other threaded knobs) or non threaded/oem (for oem shifter handle).
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