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Daniel Linnett
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Personal Best, followed by video of 1000'

Well the nitrous bottle had a leak at the valve so I had to borrow one. Due to that I was unable to run the NANO needless to say when I get that put back on Hardcore better watch out
1/8 mph...104.12
1000 mph...119.78
1/4 mph...130.78

I went out to our local track friday to gear up for pinks this weekend. On the 50 shot I ran exactly where I need to be for the show.
7.0677@96.96 in the 1/8th or pretty damn close to 11.00

Well of course I cant go to the track without pilling up and spraying the large shot to see how I would do. The track was hooking and i picked up my best 60' yet so I was already pleased. Then I compared the slip to my previous PB last weekend :turbonaug:
Yesterday***********************Previous PB

This was my fastest run of the night and it was a good thing.
Watch closely down the track as the idiot nearly takes me out. It is a good thing I was .4 ahead of him at the 1/8th. When I got back from making the pass I had a huge group wall up to me and ask if I "puckered up on that last pass" I said it was pretty exhilarating thinking they meant my time. Then someone said no the guy who almost hit you! I said I never even saw him. I left him at the line and continued to pull on him. Just past the 1/8 he nearly hits the wall over corrects and ends up behind me in my lane :bomb: Come to find out that the person driving this 10second car was 13!

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