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Old 08-07-2009, 04:14 PM   #1
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Profanity filter suggestions

Howdy, y'all. I've got time to kill at the airport and summat's a irkin' me somthin' good.

I realize this site is open (as in no warning or "rule" for age limit) to all and I, of course, realize the importance of chivalry (in the case of teh ladiez) and prudence (in the case of all of the children, younger than I, who have teh GTOz).

But, with that, I've never been one who was a fan of censorship in any medium or for any real reason. Libel, slander, outright intolerance and threats should be moderated and dealt with - but your average, everyday vulgarity shouldn't be silenced, IMO.

I would think that either a little faith and common sense would go a long ways in terms of self-moderation, but I know that's not something you can always do with the widespread use you're hoping to gain with this site.

So, I propose a couple of things.

First, as on other forums I frequent, why not give the user a choice (if over 18 as per a mandatory birthday entrance) of a filter that either does completely, moderately or not at all filter common profanities? You can make the strict filter mandatory for teh chillinz if you'd like, but those of us who aren't abhorred by silly letters making silly words can do without the insolence of forced political-correctness.

Or, if that couldn't ever fly - why not make the filters a bit less strict? No, fine, I guess. *huff, puff*

At the VERY least, can we filter the obscenities to something a bit more creative than a row of asterisks? (NOTE: for those from Oklahoma, I do NOT mean retarded-ass, longer-than-the-word-and-completely-impossible-to-decipher-for-the-sake-of-rendering-sensible-sentences-completely-extinct 'creative filters'!) Why not star out one letter? Or replace the word with a commonly-referenced and acceptable (not longer or in ANY way more obfuscating) 'PC' stand-in? 'F*ck' to 'smurf' was a pretty good one, though I doubt that one would make the cut - but you get the point.

I just think it's a little annoying to see nothing but '*********** lol it was so ***** ********* man, you just had to **********ing be there ****** brah' versus something that isn't so obviously protected from sight, nor so hard to decipher.

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Old 08-07-2009, 04:25 PM   #2
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If people cannot write a good, comprehensible sentence stating their frustrations over something without using profanity, I don't need to read it. Self control is something no one uses on the internet due to the anonymity of it.
People swear in public around our kids all the time and although it is not illegal (most of the time) I do find myself looking down upon those people. Profanity should be censored because a lot of users, including the owner here, have kids who browse the forums as well. I wouldn't want my kids to see ****, ****, *******, **** (had to manually censor that one!) sucker and other words because a few members are douches all the time and can't type or talk cleanly.
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Old 08-07-2009, 05:50 PM   #3
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We're pretty flexible around here and we're not going to over moderate the board. However, the profanity filter is non-negotiable.

2005 GTO - MBM M6 (slightly modded)
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