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Old School Weekend

Met up with an old friend this weekend. Preston Davis was the driver for Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo Weevil from the mid 60's to the early 70's when they built a Funny car which they ran until 1974, brought back out for the Nationals in 79 and then parked until the nostalgia rage took off a few years ago. Raymond Godwin was among the first inductees into the NHRA Hall of Fame in 1991. There are pictures of him and Red Dyer running at the first nationals in 1954, Tulsa I think.


Preston tells the greatest kill story of all time, his first match race with the Bo Weevil around 1966 I think. Raymond was looking for a driver, Preston had a national record holding C/Dragster with a small block Chevy in it. Preston and Raymond were both members of the Memphis Hot Rodders but he points out that Raymond, with a top fuel; dragster was the top dog in the club. Anyhow after a funny interview Raymond told Preston on Tuesday he could drive the car Saturday but he had to come over and help build a couple of engines.


Preston was pretty excited and went over and built his first Nitro Hemi, a 392. He said they were putting it back together and Raymond grabbed the magneto to put it in. The valve covers were off and Preston says he could tell the engine was 180 out. He mentioned it to Raymond who barked at him that it wasn't a Chevy. Preston really wanted to drive so he wasn't about to argue. So they went out to the track for a T&T prior to the match race and went to push it off, didn't have the power starters in those days. Car sputtered and wouldn't light. The were there scratching their asses and another fuel driver, either Garlits or Raymond Beadle told them the magneto was 180 degrees out.

So they got her straight and Preston launched his first run. He has a pciture of that with the front wheels up in the air on the launch. They went on to the race and Preston launched the same way. Won the race but had the wheels up. Preston says Red Dyer told him to start when the lights began (no pro lights back then) and increase the throttle to wide open by the last yellow then go. The race was on a track that was shorter than most and there was a large bean field at the end. Preston says he launched the car and it shuddered and looked like he was running down between two white walls. Somewhere down the track it hooked and he remembers seeing the finish banners fly by. He said he was sitting there in the middle of the bean field, bean plants smoldering, shaking from the adrenaline when Red came up and asked him if he was going to get out of the smurfing car. Red told him to get out and get on the slick and look back down the track. Two perfect black marks from start to finihs. Preston was hooked for life.


Gives a whole new meaning to MMOB

All bullchit is fictional (cough, cough)

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