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Old 02-13-2010, 03:37 AM   #1
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Cobras, 335i, and GTO's OH MY!!!!

Went out to San Antonio err... I mean Mexico tonight with Stang2Goat, and GTOJimmy tonight for a little late night meet, and what an interesting night it was. We met up at Biff's burgers at about 11:00, and their were quite a few nice cars out there. A whole bunch of C6Z's, GT's, Cobras, evos, oh and a F430. I had never seen so many people to go out, and do some roll races, had to have been at least 35 different cars. Were on our way, and get stopped at a light, and get left behind, smurf.... Well we start going, and get on the phone with a buddy of ours, and he gives us directions to where they are, and we head that way, two minutes later we get there and they're not their, WTF.. Get back on the phone, and they are on the highway... Ok, well we will just catch back up, right? Wrong. We get on the highway, and get stuck behind a cluster**** of 18-wheelers, and now they're about five miles ahead of us. What do you do? I'll tell you what we did. We got around the 18-wheelers, and called up ahead to make sure there were no po-pos, and we were off. About three minutes, and 150mph later we caught back up.

Now the fun begins:
1st run: We pull up next to a pullied cobra, and he's not acknowledging us, well Stang2goat gives him a little sample of what porkchop is all about, she screamed, you best recognize bitch. We definitely woke the snake up, I rolled down my window, and signaled for a 40 roll, and he was game. Porkchop gave the cobra the honor of honking it. Three honks, and we were off. That cobra had some bite in her, but it just wasn't enough, we let out around 125-130, and had the cobra by almost two cars. This went on two more times.

2nd run: Porkchop has her eye on her next target. Another pullied cobra with a few more bolt ons than the last. Again I signal for a 40 roll, he's game. Again porkchop gives the cobra the honor of honking it off. Honk, honk, honk, and we're off again. The cobra gets a little bit of a jump, and we've got ourselves a hell of a race. We stayed neck, and neck until about the middle of 4th and slowly pull the cobra and put about a car length on him. We raced him one more time, and got a little better hit, but still only ended up getting a car on him.

3rd run: A 335i decided it wanted to try its luck against porkchop. He comes up next to us, and signals for a 20 roll, I'm thinking are you out yo mothersmurfing mind, luckily porkchop was thinking the same thing. She said 40 or 60 roll or no go. He agreed to a 40 roll. Being the sweet lady porkchop is she again lets the other car honk us off. Three honks, and it's over, or so we thought... This little 335i was stout. All the way up to about 120 this little European car was nipping at porkchops ass. We do one more run. We got a little better of a jump this time, and start pulling on the 335 a little bit harder, until we put about twenty cars on him... He missed a gear:doh:

Now for the funniest run of the night.... :facepalm:

Let me start off by saying there were a lot of kids at this meet with daddies money. At least three kids there were no older than 21, and all had brand spanking new C6Z's. So onto the story.
This was one of those kids..........:bomb:

We are cruising behind the 335i, and a C6Z. They are about to do a 40 roll. The bimmer honks it off, and they take off, or not.... The kid in the C6Z tried to shift to third and went into reverse. Ok **** happens. Let's try this again, the bimmer honks, and they're off, nope.. This dumb mother ****er goes into reverse again, holy **** kid learn how to drive. Well they try it one more time, bimmer honks it off, and they take off, or not... This no driving ass hole slams it into reverse again.:bomb: Not once, not twice, but three times this kid managed to get through the reverse lock out. If by any chance you read this learn how to ****ing drive, I feel sorry for your poor, poor car.

As for GTOjimmy, I didn't get to see him run, but he ran neck to neck with a 750rwhp 2010 GT500 on Q16, and lethal performances 600rwhp C6Z.

Sorry for the long read.
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Old 02-23-2010, 03:59 PM   #2
GTO Jimmy
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The shelby had 770rwhp, lol.

408ci, Precision 78mm, Lonnies Stage 3 fuel system
720rwhp on 93octane
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