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2qk4u- dif build

To start off, this guy is passionate and dedicated. It's amazing the amount of time he has invested in building the perfect rear end for our GTOs. I'm pretty confident in saying that other vendors on this site don't offer the same quality of a build with the best follow up customer service around. For example, once I finished the install, 2quk checked in every so often for feedback and to make sure I was satisfied. Before I sent him my rear end I had a couple occasions when I needed parts and he went out of his way to overnight the parts so I could enjoy the car before I deployed.

Now is the best part, the rear end. I sat on the fence for at least a month before actually sending 2qk my rear end. Just like any major purchase it takes some deliberating while weighing the options. Anytime I had a question or doubt he would coach me through it even with no guarantee of me sending him my rear end. Finally, I shipped. Shipping is a little pricey, cost almost $180 round trip. That was my choice in shipping not his. I purchased the dif and the OEM 373 gears, actual OEM seals, kryrotreated bearings, etc where purchased from 2qk. 2qk has what you need to build the best and longest lasting stock designed rear end on the market.

During the build, he kept me updated with photos. The integrity, fit/finish and attention to detail was excellent. He even identified a flawed factory pinion yoke so I sent him another yoke, good thing I hoard parts. He even added features that I was impressed with and didn't mind paying extra for. I will not disclose those features.

Once the rear end was installed I was more than satisfied. The car doesn't jerk and rides smoothly when cruising in 6th gear with an aggressive cam. The powder coating, I went with black since my Harrop was red, holds up nicely and doesn't chip every time you bump into it. I liked how the threads on the housing were clean and not clogged with paint. In addition, the side adjusters and pinion nut had proper torque markings.

If you do purchase a rebuild follow all of his instructions for break in. It's been 3000 miles so far on this rear end and zero complaints. I can't get over how good it launches. This is how these rear ends should have been built from the factory. Feel free to PM me for more feedback and don't send your rear end to anyone else! His screen name is 2qwk4u, my bad on the spelling error.

*BURNOUT VIDEO*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5frbexw83_Q[/URL]
05' QSM M6 (?rwhp/?rwtq) & 10 xterra OR 4x4 M6

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