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HP Tuners How-To's

Guys, here is the procedure I have been following when idle tuning an LS2 car with cam or whatever upgrades that warrant having to fix the idle.

LS2 Idle Tuning:

- Set your idle to whatever you would like it to be (be reasonable)

- Increase base spark in idle cells (Doesn’t mean to entire table) to at least 25 - 35*, for big cams, for small cams, add 3-5* to entire idle spark table.

- Unlike gen 3 idle tuning, start with a warmed up engine. Turn AC off.

- Under Idle, Idle Airflow, Base Running Airflow, zero out the entire Airflow Final Minimum table. (Min RAF). This prevents the PCM from predicting any minimum airflow which would prevent you from finding the real minimum.

- Set idle adaptive spark control overspeed and underspeed tables and adaptive idle proportional and integral tables to stock. (If they were modified in any way, download a stock tune for your car from Hptuners.com, and use the compare function to verify they’re stock).

- Save the file, and flash the PCM with this settings.

- In your driveway or garage, start the motor and in VCM controls, set spark idle control to "On" which really turns idle adaptive spark off. Command the different RPM's in the table; 650, 800, 1000, 1200, etc. You can only command up to 1200 RPM's in the VCM Controls with the up and down arrows. For 1600...3000 you need to type the RPM in and un-select and re-select "On". Using histogram 10 on average (A), log airflow against the final idle airflow minimum table. The idea is to command the lowest RPM in each range so you would find the minimum for each. Simply using the (L) feature of the histogram doesn't yield good results.

- Paste these numbers directly into the Airflow Final Minimum table for all gears (for auto guys you may need to do this twice, once in park and once in gear w/ the e-brake on). Then subtract 10% from the whole table (select all and multiply by .9) and re-flash.

- Restart the engine, this time do not set the idle spark control to "on". Log idle adapt advance against the final idle airflow minimum table with histo 11 using the average (A). Command the RPM's again, just like before. Copy and paste these numbers (paste special, multiply by %) into the appropriate cells. (again, auto guys will need to do this twice) Rinse, repeat until the adaptive spark numbers are +-1 degree.

Note: Histo 10 and Histo 11 are in _Idle Tuning.cfg
i zipped the file up, so just unzip the file and place it in your Hptuner scanner config file folder, then just open you vcm scanner, open the config file, and tune away.
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