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Originally Posted by Poolshark1321 View Post
Haha, yeah man great times last year! Better than my first Goatfest because I actually had names to put to most faces already. I had no problem with Super 8 TBH, our room was clean, no wet carpet and it was close to the main strip. What are your plans for a hotel this year? I just reserved a room at the Fredericksburg Inn this year.

You bring the Jameson, I will definitely be bringing something else... although I have not decided what yet. Maybe some Gentlemen Jack?? I am open to suggestions...

P.S. I just remembered I nearly had my finger broke early that morning/late that night due to drunken stupidity. Ohhhh well, gotta try to out do myself this year... minus the pain!
I have a buddy of mine from El Paso with an 05 coming with this year. We are going to do the same and stay at Super 8. Only thing I'm going to change is parking in 2 spots to make sure no door dings.
You bring your favorite alcohol and I'll try it. I am open to trying new alcohols. And yeah, you were in quite a bit of pain from your drunkenness. I can't remember what it was from, and IIRC you didn't remember either...lmao!!
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