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Originally Posted by Poolshark1321 View Post
We are SOL imo... unless we get our **** together asap. I am rallying people to vote, everyone needs to vote damnit... regardless of for who (that does matter, but not my place to say). Get the damn space program up and going again... stop sending all our jobs over seas etc
AMEN!!! That was one (of several "millions") of the worst moves that this president has made. Somehow he thinks he will get elected again?!?!? Yeah, tell us (military) that we aren't going to get paid and you lose approximately 5% of total vote right there. Tell all the space guys you are killing every dream and aspiration that they ever wanted to do.... think of the first profession you ever wanted to be, most likely it was an astronaut... now you have lost the majority of all the 18-25 year olds that WERE studying the math and sciences (that this country is hurting so bad to excel in, compared to China and other countries). Its a wonder what the "Administration" thinks will make him succeed in another term....
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