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OFFICIAL: GM GenV Announcement & Platform Specifications

As some of you might know, the details to GMs new GenV V8 platform have been released.

So all the rumors can be put to rest finally and I no longer get to churn in angst when I hear you guys speculating about the new GenV engine.
I've known of these details for a couple months now but was sworn to secrecy for obvious reasons. If you guys haven't caught the details yet, there is a link below.

It's been named the LT-1 (sound familiar?).

LT-1 6.2L V8 featuring:
  • All Aluminum
  • 450hp/450tq with a broader torque band below 4,000.
  • 11.5:1 compression ratio due to a redesigned combustion chamber
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • Variable Valve Timing (we finally get v-tec!)
  • Active fuel management
  • New head design using rectangular ports (this should be fun for all you cathedral lovers and rectangle deniers) with switched intake/exhaust valve locations.
  • New intake manifold design with plenum redesign
  • Dry sump oiling system with a cam driven oil pump
  • New electronics (i'll let you guys read about it)

Here's the link:

This should be fun to see where this design takes the aftermarket companies and who takes the lead on designing some serious horsepower with this new design!

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